Arthur Funkarelli on a mission. Five stage-hardened maniacs, who'll stop at nothing, not even police roadblocks, to bring the truth to the masses. It's alright to be a little scared, but be ready. Rowdy music for folks that want to get down is the goal and you are the target audience.

We are not part of a retro trend. We are not prog-rockers out to conquer space and time. We are not pretty-boy industry darlings. We are the sum of our influences and the product of thousands of road miles. The bastard sons of rock and roll still live.

A raucous double guitar attack, soulful and commanding dueling vocalists, and a crazed saxophonist are our calling cards. A rhythm section tight as a pair of handcuffs is our foundation. Prodigious stage presence, deep musical knowledge, a punk rock ethos, and unsurpassed dedication to "the show" are our constants.

We have invested our souls in our belief of the musical gospel. We have released four independent albums and done countless tours. Our music has scorched the soundtracks of dozens of movies and TV shows. We have established rabid fans from coast to coast to coast. We're coming all over! Are you ready for Arthur Funkarelli?




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